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Light Stream Technique for Relaxation and Anxiety Relief

Updated: May 1

The following is a meditation technique for relieving uncomfortable feelings in the body. It is a grounding tool to alleviate both physical and emotional pain in the body. This technique can be used by anyone at any time when feeling triggered, uncomfortable or in pain. You can read it to yourself beforehand, or give it to your safe person to read while you close your eyes.

Find a comfortable seat, either in a chair or lying down. Close your eyes. Tune into your body. If you are feeling discomfort, locate where that feeling is in your body. See the feeling as an object in your body. Now, let’s visualize the object:

· If it had a shape, what would it be?

· If it had a size, what would it be?

· If it had a color, what would it be?

· If it had a temperature, would it be hot or cold?

· If it had a texture, what would this be?

· If it had a sound, would it be high pitched or low?

Now, imagine a healing light coming down from above and moving in through the top of your head and that this healing light is directing itself at the shape in your body. And I would like you to give this wonderful healing light your favorite color (as long as it is a different color from the shape in your body). Decide whether this light is warm or cool.

Then imagine this light coming in from above and through your head and into your body, directing itself at the shape in your body and notice how it resonates with, vibrates with it and in and around it. And just notice as it does this what happens to the shape. Perhaps the shape is getting smaller, or dissolving. Perhaps the light is flickering out of your body. Now imagine that this healing colored light is moving throughout your entire body. From your head, your neck, shoulders, your chest, your arms, your fingertips, your solar plexus, your pelvic area, your hips, your legs, down through your feet and imagine the light coming out the tips of your toes. You are filled with a healing, abundant light. The more light you need, the more is available to you.

Take a deep breath in. Count to 3. Now, open your eyes.

Hopefully, that feeling of discomfort from a few minutes ago has dissipated. Feel free to do this meditation as often as you need.

(Adapted from EMDRWorks)


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