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Becoming a Client

We are so glad you reached out to us to support you at this time. We have a number of therapists who are willing to work with you and we will match you to the best of our abilities.

These forms are encrypted and HIPAA compliant

We need pictures or files of your insurance card front & back and the front of your ID

  • Please Include Pictures or copies of your ID and both sides of your insurance card

  • Fax to (517) 507-4888

  • Secure File Upload (HIPAA compliant)

  • Drop off to 1801 E Saginaw St Suite 1 Lansing MI 48912 – in door up stairs, 2nd door on left – slide them under the door then let us know you did so






Federal OSHA and Michigan OSHA standards require that all people in health care settings wear masks at all time.  Some therapists are seeing a limited number of clients in person.  It is up to each therapists discretion as to whether they require that the clients they see are vaccinated or not.   If you and your therapist agree to in person sessions we need this form printed, filled out and brought to your first in person session.






If you have any questions please email Letty, or call her at 517-667-0061.

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