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Therapist Spotlight: Ezekiel Moreno

Updated: May 14

“You’ll meet the answer if you’re ready to ask the question, because only you know the question that you need to ask. And when you’re ready, I’ll be here to help reflect. It isn’t my experience, it’s yours where there’s strength, value, and meaning.” -Ezekiel Moreno 

Ezekiel is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who has been working in the field of mental health for over seven years. His past experience includes serving as a school counselor and mental health specialist, 31N provider. Ezekiel uses a strength-based and trauma-informed approach with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and logotherapy. Through logotherapy, he helps people find meaning and value in their experiences, building a purpose that is in agreement with their personal identity. His goal is to aid clients by enhancing their coping skills through dialogue and intentionality. You can read more about his experience and services below.

“My whole life, I was driven with a strong desire to help others,” Ezekiel says. He attributes this to his upbringing: his parents were always involved with helping others, and he wanted to model this behavior. As Ezekiel navigated his own identity and searched for purpose and passion, he went through many professions: real estate, a laundry business, landscaping, handyman, accounts payable, bookkeeping, route sales distribution, and more. He always went above and beyond, however, in search of a different career that contributed to the culmination of his passion for work and service. It wasn’t until he volunteered in a community-based program that Ezekiel was involved with supporting and encouraging people to overcome challenging mindsets. At that moment, he realized he wanted to pursue a life-time career in counseling. 

For Ezekiel, experiencing, learning, and practicing therapy was what he’d been looking for his whole life. He says, “it felt true to me and my heart’s desire.” He wants people to know that it’s important to have opportunities to be vulnerable and self-reflect. However that support may look like, Ezekiel encourages everyone to discover the greatness within themselves thus improving their mental health and wellness.   

Ezekiel served as a counselor at the high school he had graduated from. He helped students with setting goals and their career development, students who had fallen into the gap recover credits, and he figured out how to support students who were going through the stressors of adolescence while struggling with their own mental health. He left the school counselor role to work more closely with individuals through direct clinical treatment such as consultation, assessment, diagnoses, and treatment plannings, but continues to use strategies such as charting out the CBT framework (thinking, feeling, doing). By creating a visual representation of thought processes and finding different ways to provide psychoeducation, Ezekiel does “more than talk therapy” when collaborating with his clients. 

Ezekiel’s clientele include children as young as eight years, teenagers, college students, professionals, couples, and retirees. Ezekiel provides treatment in the areas of anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, life coaching, motivation, grief support, and ADHD. He wants his potential clients to feel safe and heard. Whether they just want a dialogue to see what therapy is about or an unbiased professional to give them the guidance to improve their mental health and wellness. In his personal life. Ezekiel is a firm believer in practicing what he teaches. He’s always asking himself, “What’s a small change I can make that will later have a big impact?” As a constant learner, Ezekiel is health-conscious, being mindful of his diet while exercising (he recently tried hot yoga!). He spends time with his family, his two adult daughters, and his adolescent son. He believes that music is another language and enjoys playing instruments such as the saxophone, drums, piano, and now the ukulele. He supports walking and other forms of bilateral movement, and he enjoys any blend of exercise and self-reflection where he can integrate mental health. He also practices visualizations, journals, and is working on a remodeling project at home. Ezekiel is intentional at being present and aware, to find value and meaning in life.

Ezekiel is currently accepting new clients. If you are interested in making an appointment with Ezekiel, please contact GPS at 517-667-0061.


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