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How to Embrace Joy Of Missing Out to Overcome Fear Of Missing Out: Finding "Joy in Missing Out"

Updated: Jun 25

In this era of social media, FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, has started to have a deeper affect on people from all walks of life. The constant flood of perfectly crafted social media posts showing off others' seemingly perfect lives can trigger feelings of insecurity, envy, or anxiety. 

But - Here's the thing - "FOMO is not just an affect of the digital age, it's a deeply ingrained part of our human nature." 

The fear of missing out on experiences, opportunities, and connections existed long before Instagram and Facebook. So, how do we break free from this pervasive sense of FOMO and find contentment in our own lives?

Fear of MIssing Out
FOMO - Always feeling like you're not doing enough?

First, understand FOMO: 

At its core, FOMO stems from our human desire for belonging and validation. We all want to feel included, accepted, and valued by our peers. When we see others living their best lives, it's natural to compare ourselves and wonder if we're measuring up. However, it's important to remember that social media often presents a distorted view of reality – one that highlights the highs while glossing over the lows. By recognizing the illusion of perfection perpetuated by social media, we can begin to release the power of FOMO over our lives.

man JOMO
JOMO- Prioritize YOU

Then, Learn to Embrace JOMO: 

Instead of letting FOMO control your life, why not embrace its counterpart – JOMO or the Joy Of Missing Out? JOMO is about choosing to prioritize your own well-being and happiness over the pressure to constantly be doing, seeing, and experiencing everything. It's about finding joy, peace or happiness in the present moment and appreciating life; a quiet evening at home, a leisurely stroll in nature, or a heartfelt conversation with a loved one. By shifting your mindset from fear to joy, you can reclaim your time and energy from the relentless pursuit of FOMO.

Tips for Finding JOMO:

Find Gratitude: 

Find YOUR Gratitude

Gratitude is a potent remedy for FOMO. Instead of fixating on what we lack or what we're missing out on, we can train ourselves to value the wealth of blessings already present in our lives. Maintaining a gratitude journal, expressing appreciation for the little things, and practicing mindfulness can help us reframe our outlook from scarcity to abundance. When we foster an attitude of gratitude, we realize that we already possess everything we need to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Set Boundaries: 

Set boundaries
Set boundaries that are good for YOU

In our hyper-connected world, it's easy to feel bombarded by the constant flow of notifications, updates, and invitations. Setting boundaries around our time and energy is critical for preserving our mental and emotional well-being. This might involve disconnecting from social media, declining activities that don't align with our priorities, and focusing on self-care. By respecting our own needs and limitations, we can shield ourselves from the harmful effects of FOMO and create room for what truly matters. A year of saying No can be as transformative as a year of saying Yes.

Find Purpose: 

finding purpose
Find YOUR Purpose

Ultimately, overcoming FOMO is about finding purpose and meaning in our own lives. Instead of comparing ourselves to others or chasing after external validation, we can focus on cultivating our passions, pursuing our goals, and making a positive impact in the world. Your old frenemy from high school has found a lot of meaning in her life, traveling around the world and posting about it on Instagram.

NOW, Be True to You:

Be True to You
Be True to YOU

How other people find happiness actually has nothing to do with what makes you happy. What makes you happy may be simple things like saying hello to friendly neighbors, enjoying the first spring flowers, and being able to walk to work. It doesn't have to be big and glamorous to matter. When we live with intention and authenticity, we no longer need to seek validation from external sources – our sense of worth comes from within. By embracing our unique strengths and talents, we can transcend the grip of FOMO and live with greater joy, fulfillment, and purpose.

FOMO may be a an ever present part of modern life, but it doesn't have to affect our happiness or define our worth. By understanding the roots of FOMO, embracing JOMO, cultivating gratitude, setting boundaries, and finding purpose, we can overcome the allure of comparison and live with greater authenticity and fulfillment. Remember, life is not a competition or a race – it's a journey to be savored and enjoyed, one moment at a time. So let go of FOMO and embrace the joy of missing out on what doesn't serve you so you can fully embrace what does.

-Alison Napoleon


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