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All Hands In

Global & Provider Partnerships

Support our Efforts to build resilience in Communities and the Professionals serving them.

Working locally and in globally

Global Enagement - Ukraine

We Stand with Ukraine

GPS is partnering with the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center - PPSC Refugee Support Project assisting Ukraine.  Elena Lewis an MSW Intern from the University of Michigan is working with us this year and has been providing support to aid workers and refugees from Ukraine located around the world. 

In collaboration with her daughter Olivia Lewis, MFT trainee, Elena is hosting a virtual interactive presentation on the cultural nuances of psychotherapy with Ukranian and Russian-speaking clients. The goals of this event are to highlight cultural blindspots clinicians often face when working with Eastern Europeans, to increase understanding of client responses to traditional psychotherapy, and to offer tangible practices that take into consideration the history and mentality of this population. Mental health providers, trauma specialists, translators and anyone interested in the topic  are invited to attend and learn as part of an effort to support those most affected during the continual full scale invasion of Ukraine.

Provider Engagement -Child Welfare Workers

Children in School Bus

Become a Donor to Support our Child Welfare Worker Support Program

The Child Welfare Support Partnership provides a vital service for Ingham County, recognizing the importance of child welfare workers and their difficult job. GPS with MSW Interns Jason Ross and Alison Napoleon from the University of Michigan, partner with Ingham County to provide an independent support group to assist in this effort. By providing support to child welfare workers, we are helping to ensure a safer future for our community as well as help maintain such an important workforce.

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