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Locations are a crucial element to billing. This can determine coverage, copay amounts, and correct initial submission.

Blue Care Network always requires it's own unique location - this codes the session for billing.

  • In the Office Session Coding

    • Counselors - {BCN} OFFICE - Counselor POS 11​

    • Social Workers - {BCN} OFFICE - Social Worker POS 11

  • Telehealth Coding for Clients not in their home (maybe office or parked car)

    • Counselors - {BCN} NOT HOME -Tele Counselor POS 02

    • Social Workers - {BCN} NOT HOME - Tele Social Worker POS 02

  • Telehealth Coding for Clients at their home

    • Counselors - {BCN} HOME - Tele Counselor POS 10

    • Social Workers - {BCN} HOME - Tele Social Worker POS 10

Blue Cross Blue Shield, OPTUM, United Health Care require the telehealth location to be indicated based on whether the client is at home, or not at home.

  • In the Office Session Coding

    • All - Main Office

  • Telehealth for clients not at home

    • All - {BCBSM} NOT HOME - Telehealth {OPTUM & UHC} POS 02

  • Telehealth for clients at home

    • All- {BCBSM} HOME - Telehealth {OPTUM & UHC} POS 10

All other Commercial & EAP Coverage - 

  • In the Office Session Coding

    • All - Main Office​

  • Telehealth

    • All - Telehealth ANYWHERE - Commercial (NOT MCLAREN)Insurances POS 10​

Medicaids (not Blue Cross Complete)- Aetna, Meridian Health Plan, McLaren Health Plan (Commercial & Medicaid), Cigna (Commercial & other products)

  • In the Office Session Coding

    • All - Main Office​

  • Telehealth

    • All - Telehealth ANYWHERE - Medicaids CIGNA & McLaren ONLY POS 02

Blue Cross Complete

  • In the Office Session Coding

    • All - Main Office​

  • Telehealth

    • Telehealth - Blue Cross Complete POS 11

Medicare (Straight & Commercial (like BCBS, PHP, Aetna, etc))

  • In the Office Session  Coding

    • All - Main Office

  • Telehealth

    • All - Telehealth Medicare Part B POS 11

Contract Signature

Telehealth Documentation

Intake Additional Steps

  • You must look at the driver's license of the NEW client so they prove who they are. DOCUMENT THAT YOU DID IT.

  • Create your own safety phrase if your client needs to tell you they are unsafe. Confirm what you will do if they say it. DOCUMENT THIS.

Regular Sessions

    • Confirm the client is in a confidential place with no other adults or where anyone can overhear. Ask them to show you the room if you suspect they are not alone. DOCUMENT THAT YOU DID IT.

    • Confirm the address/location the client is at and note it. Home, work address, parking lot of work address, if it's not on file, put it on file or in the note. DOCUMENT THAT YOU DID IT.​​

    • Have a plan for what to do if disconnected - will you move to the phone? Will you finish the session? DOCUMENT THAT YOU DID IT.



  • "This therapist utilized a HIPAA-compliant 2-way secure audio/video system.”

  • "The client is alone and confirmed they are in a HIPAA compliant area"

  • "Confirmed location of client and the address in case of emergency"

If you do not do this and we are audited, insurance will take the money back.

Ancient Coins

Checking Client Balances

1. Go to your patient list in TherapyNotes by clicking on "Patients" in the top blue menu across the screen.

2. You will see three search fields, "Search" "Assigned to" and "Filter"

3. Go over to "Filter" and from the drop-down menu, select "Have Open Patient Balance"

4. Hit Search

THEN - To Collect Payment

From this screen you can charge the card by clicking on the blue credit card next to the balance due.

Making a payment at appointment.

After every appointment, open the scheduled appointment. Click on billing tab, Click on the blue amount due for patient (this will be blue) Balance: $9.94

Click on the credit card, and submit payment.


They can see this, and even pay themselves in the client portal. If YOU don’t want to run it, ask them to login and pay their bill.

Stamp Collection

Field Autofill on Notes

Anywhere you see the following - you can click it and see everything you've written in the past, or on the intake note, you can autofill what the patient wrote, in order to then ADD TO IT.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 155916_edited.jpg
Stamp Collection

How to Share Documents on Portal

Screenshot 2024-06-06 100904.png
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