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Stephanie Gonzalez


I have been working in the field of social work since 2006. Over the past thirteen years, I have gained experience working in the child welfare system as a Juvenile Justice Specialist, Foster Care Worker, Child Protective Services Worker, and Child Welfare Equity Analyst, both in the private and public sectors. I also have several years of experience as a medical social worker, both providing in-home services and working for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have experience collaborating with various healthcare agencies as well as providing psycho-social assessments, counseling, short-term and long-term planning, and community referrals to clients.


I grew up in a low-income family and became homeless at the age of 14. I lived in seven different homes of varying ethnicity, religious belief, and socioeconomic status during my four years of high school. It was during this time that I realized my passion for social work. Through my diverse life experiences, I decided that I wanted to help and advocate for vulnerable children and families. My experience and career path have allowed me to continue to help others.

Stephanie Gonzalez LMSW
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