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Ron Penfield


Ron is a  well-respected therapist in our office and the Lansing community. He works with clients of all ages and groups, individuals, couples, and families. Ron's professional background includes working in addiction counseling, relationship counseling, substance and behavioral addiction, and parenting, all to enhance his clients’ quality of life and improve their lives.


Ron works within multiple therapy modalities such as psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is utilized to treat trauma.

Ron enjoys life and believes solid and supportive relationships are very important.  He states: “Never let life hold you back. Be as positive as you can be. Start your day with gratitude, some physical exercise, and seek to build supportive relationships, whether with your partner or in general”.

Ron believes therapy begins best when you can build trust and overcome fears of opening up to a therapist. He seeks to be inviting, engaging, and respectful of his clients.

In his spare time, Ron spends time with his family and visiting his son in Florida. He has been playing crossword puzzles since as a child an now challenges himself with the weekly New York Times Spelling Bee game and other famous crossword puzzles. He loves all board games and enjoys reading mystery books as well.

Ron is taking new clients, speaks English, and has both LMSW and LMFT licenses in Michigan.

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