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Steven Weier, LLPC

Everyone has a story to tell. Each story has protagonists, antagonists, conflicts, and triumphs. An aspect that is forgotten at times is the role of counsel that is sought out by the main character. That is where I come in. As the main character of your own life, you have reached some sort of impasse and are requiring some sort of help or counsel to overcome where you are now. No matter what it is that has brought you to where you are now, I know that we can find the strength to bring you to the place that you feel you want to be.

Currently, I have no specializations in any given direction, but with the experiences, I have had in my practice and personal life, I know I can provide some perspective and counsel to the current conflict you may be facing.


Mental Health

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Serious & Persistent Mental Illness

Trauma Narratives

Game Theory

Trauma Therapy

Group Therapy

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