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Sound Body & Mind Group

This FREE ONLINE GROUP focuses on coping skills to help you become safer in your relationships, thinking, and actions.

Sound Body and Mind is designed to help individuals with a history of trauma and/or addiction cope safely in different situations. The group is relevant to all types of traumas and/or addictions, including but not limited to:

  • Surviving child abuse, combat, natural disasters, accidents, or violence.

  • Addiction to substances, gambling, food, or other behaviors. 

  • Stress from the pandemic



The group is presented over Zoom. Please feel free to join at any time or attend the topics you choose.   


It is suggested you talk to a mental health provider about the information you learned in the group, in order to help you apply the skills to your daily life. 

Seeking Safety
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9:00 AM



Topics Discussed in the Group

Safety    •      Self-Care      •    Honesty     •     Asking for Help     •     Recovery Thinking

Setting Boundaries in Relationships    •      Healthy Relationships     •    Creating Meaning    •     Compassion
Detaching from Emotional Pain (Grounding)     •     Community Resources     •      Discovery
    Getting Others to Support You     •      Integrating the Split Self      •     Commitment
  Respecting Your Time     •      Coping with Triggers     •      Self‐Nurturing     •      Red and Green Flags

What to Expect from the Group
This is an educational group about coping skills. The topics change weekly. 

In this group, we will not ask you to share upsetting stories. We will focus on what you can do right now to create a better life for yourself.

To maintain your privacy, you may leave your camera on or off and choose to not show your name.

Participation is not required, although we recommend participation to get the most out of the topic. 

Who can join?
Anyone can join. For additional information on how to join, please click on the Zoom Information tab on the upper left of the page.

If you have additional questions, please call or email Guide to Personal Solutions.

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Group Leaders

Kelsey Carey,
MSW Intern
Michigan State University

Elena Lewis,
MSW Intern
University of Michigan