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About Us - Services for all Stages of Life

Our therapists are trained in a variety of modalities.  They are able to provide a comfortable, safe, non-shaming and empathic environment in order to help you work through challenges you are facing today. 

Mental Health

Our therapists provide an eclectic range of treatment specialties to address different needs such as addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, severe and persistent mental health struggles.  Scroll through the therapist profiles or call for information on who may be a good fit for your personal needs.

Probation/Court Involvement

We offer substance abuse assessments for court, individual and group substance abuse treatment and Driver License Assessments for court.  We coordinate as needed with local Probation divisions in order for clients to fulfill their requirements of probation. 

Family Court

We work with clients involved with family court, friend of the court, foster care and child protective services.  Therapists can help assist in achievement by making referrals for client needs that may increase chances of success.  Involvement in family court can often include barriers to utilizing necessary services or knowing where to find them.  Therapists can also help set realistic, achievable, goals and help assess progress in goal achievement with clients.